DHT Hb523





DHT Hb 523 Hemoglobinometer

Advanced design electronic Hemoglobinometer

suitable for :

  • Use in tropical countries
  • Laboratories without blood cell analyzers
  • Testing blood donors
  • General practice
  • Veterinary practice
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DHT Hb 523 Features:
  • Use anywhere - long life alkaline AA batteries provide a million test operations/5 year life.
  • Exceptionally low running costs and no maintenance/service required.
  • Commonly available low cost, stable diluent easily prepared by user
  • Immediate use with no calibration required by the user.
  • Direct immediate display of haemoglobin in grams/litre (g/l) on 3 digit LCD
  • Standard 10 mm cuvette activates sealed reed switch and reading of test sample.
  • Auto zeroing and switch to sleep mode, conserves battery power. 
  • Multiple forms of haemoglobin measured, including HbO2, HbCO, Hi and SHb.
  • Permanent matched reference glass/control standard supplied.
  • Sealed unit with shutter to cover cuvette aperture when not in use.
  • Internal electronics protected from humidity, contamination and dirt.
  • Manual provided describes operation, user care, error diagnosis and correction.
  • Optional mains adaptor available as extra (NOT normally required - 5 year batteries.)
Product Code: HBM.010
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